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Extra Curricular



Students are encouraged to join one or more of the Carrum Downs Secondary College clubs. These clubs meet during lunchtimes or afterschool and provide students the opportunity to pursue a particular interest with other students and teachers with similar interests and skill areas.

Clubs and other Extra-Curricular activities include: Debating, MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly), Interact Club, Year 9 Alpine School, School Aerobics Teams, Production, Wellbeing Programs, Breakfast Club, Student Leadership Projects and Tournament of the Minds.


The House Cup has been designed to improve student and staff belonging to their house and school as a whole. All students and staff are eligible to win points throughout the year. 

For further information on the House Cup visit the House Cup Page!


Carrum Downs Secondary College is part of the Northern Peninsula Division. We take part in School Sport Victoria (SSV) organised sport and some other sporting competitions, which are not part of SSV, such as rugby. 

The sports program provides students with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of sporting activities and we aim to cater for the needs and interests of all students. We offer signups at the beginning of the term with match day often towards the end of the term. Students wear their sport uniform on the day of the competition and will be allocated a college shirt, if appropriate, which is collected at the end of the competition. 

Parents are asked to complete the permission form on compass at least four days prior to the event. Without permission, students will not be able to attend the sporting competition.

The college also has an annual swimming meet in term 1, which is held at Doveton Pool. The fastest swimmer in each age group is then invited to complete and represent the college at the Division Swimming meet. The Athletics meet is held in term 2 at Casey Fields Athletics track and again the winner of each age group is invited to represent the college at the Division Athletics meet. Both these events we encourage students to bond with other year levels and dress in their house colours. (ANZAC – yellow, Flynn – green, Gilmore – red, Hollows – blue). Our annual college fun run is held at the end of term 1. The top 10 runners are invited to compete in the Division cross country competition.

So come along and get involved in sport, there is something for everyone! So grab your friends and sign up to a day of learning new skills, team work and fun!

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This week launched the new Dungeons & Dragons club!

In D&D, the Dungeon Master creates and narrates a story in a magical world of fantasy and adventure. As a player, you get to be a character in the story. However… you get to choose what your character does, not the Dungeon Master! The story has infinite possibilities and outcomes and you get to decide what happens and where the story goes. Role play as a powerful Human fighter, a magical Half-Elf wizard, a strong Dwarven Cleric or a  shifty Halfling Rogue. 

It’s a fun way to make some friends, chat, laugh and kill monsters at the same time! 

D&D Club is running in F10 Week A Monday and Week B Wednesday at lunch times. 

For more information, see Mr. McCrorey in Gilmore House. 



“To celebrate Science Week, CDSC hosted the third Annual Science Fair in Term 3, Friday 17th August 2018. National Science Week celebrated the theme: Game Changers and Change Makers.

Celebrating things such as: the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (genetic engineering, biotechnologies, prosthetics, bionics, genetic modification, brain enhancement and ethics); 40th anniversary of the birth of the first IVF baby (genetic engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology); International Year of the Reef Each year 7 class participated in the science fair.

Students spent a number of weeks planning, designing, researching and preparing their chosen projects. Competition was tight for some of the houses, with some fantastic projects presented to such a high standard making it hard to pick top three!

We look forward to see science fair grow and the exciting science projects that will be developed next year!”

Ms Fairburn – Teacher 



“Camp was a blast! It was a good opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and make so many new friends, as well as becoming closer to your old friends by staying up late and having a laugh. We had so much fun doing multiple amazing activities. Overall both students and teachers had a great time at camp!”

Aleah, Makayla and Nadia – Students 

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“It was a huge year in the Performing Arts domain, producing and preparing for a wonderful show, The Wiz. We started the process back in Week 5 of Term 1 (February) where we had our auditions for the show. The students were so excited and showed such amazing talent from the very first moment we saw them. Many familiar faces walked through the audition doors, as well as many new faces, which is always exciting. 

The students and staff rehearsed for around 15 intense weeks both during their lunchtimes, after-school and even on the school holidays – all up around 75 hours of rehearsal time! They were so incredibly dedicated, always showing up with a smile and working extremely hard to learn their lines, blocking, dances and develop their characters. 

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the students this year and watch them flourish in in performing this show. The performance nights were close to sold out and reviews from audience members said this was the best show they had seen at the College in the last few years. We are so immensely proud of the students, who worked extremely hard and developed outstanding teamwork and performance skills. We believe this is such a valuable and rewarding process for students to be apart of, which provides a great opportunity for them to develop themselves socially and academically, alongside peers from all year levels. Most importantly though, they have tremendous amounts of fun (and so do we).”

Ms Lakic – Teacher 

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“This year was an exciting one for our aerobics teams. Our first year, last year, was a huge success, so we were all ecstatic to see what this year’s competitions would bring. We had two teams again this year, with one on level 1 (Team Royalty) and the other on level 2 (Team Divas).

We trained twice every week for 4 months up until our first competition at School Aerobics. Team Royalty came 5th, just missing the cut-off for the state competition. Team Divas placed 2nd in their level, so they went on to the state competition! We were all so excited for them! We had all become so close, it didn’t matter if we won or lost, we are all just so happy to be competing together and we’re like a family!

Unfortunately, Team Divas didn’t make it to nationals, so we were all sad that we had now finished competing for the year. But then our coach, Brooke (she competed with us last year, and is volunteering to coach us) told us about the FISAF competitions that happen year round, so we still had a chance to compete! We sent two duos and a team performance (Team Extreme) to the FISAF competition, and came back with the duos placing 3rd and 4th, and Team Extreme placing 2nd! This year we were successful in so many ways, not just competing. We made new friends, learnt new skills and made hilarious memories. Let’s hope next year is even better!”

Katie – Student 

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All students are encouraged to learn music as an extra curricula activity. Tuition is available in a range of instruments including flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion and drum kit, guitar and bass, violin, double bass, piano and singing. Students who learn an instrument are expected to practise daily and participate in the college music ensembles and band.

Students participating in any musical lessons are invited to become part of the college stage band. There is an after school requirement for rehearsal times.

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“Although I knew very little Japanese (I mean VERY little), this trip was one of the best experiences of my life, and I’ll never forget it. Meeting the group I was about to travel for 2 weeks with was awkward. But by the end of this trip, I’d call everyone amazing friends (Squad assemble!) who I run up and hug every time I see. This trip let us experience a different way of life in the best way possible; living it for a week.

We stayed with the most amazing families who took care of us and did more than we could have ever imagined. My family had four sisters and two parents. I now had to live a week in a foreign country with people who spoke a completely different language. I was incredibly nervous, but when I met them, I knew this was going to be great. I tried heaps of new foods, went to crazy places and made amazing memories. Each night was something new, from origami one night to dancing around the next. My host mum gave me amazing lunches, each day I’d learn a little more Japanese.

My host student and I caught the train and then walked to school every day. When you got school you had to change shoes and put on you name tag on, and you’d go to the homeroom and we’d meet up with our group and tell each other what we did the night before. Each class was something different. There were many clubs, from flower arranging to swimming! We made so many new friends that we still keep in touch with. As you can imagine, our last day with our host families was tough. There were so many tears! We didn’t realise how attached we’d all get, these were our second families!

After an emotional goodbye, it was on to our next stop. From here on we travelled as a group, and we pretty much did all the tourist sites you can think of! We stayed on Miyajima Island, pat and (accidentally) fed some deer and experienced our first traditional Japanese hotel. Then it was on to Kyoto, where we saw beautiful shrines and the golden pavilion. We then caught the train to Shibuya, a place famous for the massive street crossing. Our second last stop was Disneyland! I could go on forever about how much I love Disney and how amazing Disneyland was, there’s no time! Disneyland was amazing! I love Disneyland! On our last full day in Japan we went to the Studio Ghibli museum, which was awesome! You got to explore everything! After that we went to a place called “Kawaii monster café”, and that was just crazy colourful! This experience was amazing, if you get the chance to go 100% take it, even if you don’t know any Japanese. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, we all loved it and will never forget it!”

Katie – Student