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Pastoral Care

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Carrum Downs Secondary College is acknowledged for the quality of relationships between all school community members. A large part of this relationship building is established and developed through the College’s Pastoral Care Program, which is delivered during a weekly 60-minute timetabled lesson.

Throughout our Pastoral Care program students will be involved in activities linking to their wellbeing and future careers. As a College we have a partnership with The Resilience Project which encourages students to focus on gratitude, empathy and mindfulness as a basis for increasing their resilience in every day life.

Activities and learning to assist in mental health benefits will occur during class time and can be applied daily. The curriculum has been specifically designed to develop pro-social skills, careers and pathways understandings and personal wellbeing.

The Pastoral Care Teacher is also a guide, advocate and mentor for students. They work with their group to ensure that all students experience a friendly, safe, supportive and orderly environment in which learning takes place.