Carrum Downs Secondary College

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

All students must bring their own personal laptop device to all of their classes. Students will be able to connect their devices to the school wireless and students will be provided filtered internet access whilst at school. The College will grant access to the school’s wireless network, internet, Office 365 and printing. Any use of the wireless network entails personal responsibility as well as compliance with the Carrum Downs Secondary College Acceptable Use Policies.


Some benefits of students having their own devices:

  • Students can transport their learning everywhere – from school to home and anywhere else they are studying and learning
  • We need our students to keep up with technological developments and be prepared for a technology rich workplace
  • 21st Learning is personalised learning where students can access digital learning resources on demand
  • Students can manage their own learning and use Compass to communicate with teachers and submit assessment
  • Students can collaborate with others using tools such as Google Docs
  • Access to online/digital resources (eg. Edrolo, Kahoot, textbooks etc)
  • Reduce loss of class time caused by set up and collection of laptop trolleys
  • Devices are owned by students and can be used to meet personal needs as well as learning needs

BYOD Options

Option 1: Students bring an existing device from home that meets our specifications.


Option 2: Parent purchase or finance a new device from a supplier.

Our Department of Education approved supplier Edunet (outlined below), handle the supply of devices for many schools and can provide advice about suitable laptops for school use. The College has no formal relationship with this vendor and receives no financial benefit if you choose to purchase from this vendor.

To access the Edunet portal go to:
Access Code: CDSC


Option 3 (Financial Assistance): The college will provide assistance to families who may not have the capacity to purchase or lease their own computer.
If you are having difficulty in acquiring a device please contact the front office and arrange an appointment with the Business Manager. 

Device Requirements

We accept a broad range of devices so that families have the flexibility to use their existing devices. We are aware that there are several cheap options available through large retailer, however our recommendation is to spend a little more to get a device that is hardy and will last through the stresses of school life.



  • The device must be a laptop computer with a keyboard
  • Screen Size must be above 10 inches and no more than 16 inch.
  • Laptop must be able to hold charge for the entire day. (Charging facilities available at the College)
  • Tablets/Chrome Books and iPads are NOT considered suitable devices as they are limited in terms of their functionality
  • Software (including AntiVirus) can be provided by the college or downloaded from the eduSTAR software catalogue
  • PC must have Windows 10 or newer installed
  • MAC Must have OSX/macOS version 10.12 or above installed

Further Recommendations:

  • Protective cover and or carry case
  • Covered by a warranty
  • Accidental Damage Insurance – Laptop screens are the most commonly damaged component and are often more expensive to replace than the cost of the insurance
  • Ensure lockers remain locked and devices are labelled or engraved with the students’ name and details